Amazon Echo Smart Speaker: Elevate Your Smart Home with the Echo Studio Bundle

The Amazon Echo Smart Speaker, including the Philips Hue Color Smart Bulb, is a popular product from Amazon. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and 93 customer reviews, it promises to enhance your smart home experience with its advanced features and voice control capabilities.

I have been using the Echo Studio bundle for a while now, and I must say that I am impressed with the sound quality it offers. The bass is rich and powerful, even without the additional subwoofer. It easily fills up my large open floor house with high-quality sound, making it a perfect companion for listening to music throughout the day. However, I did notice a slight lag when using the Bluetooth connection synced with video, although this is not its intended use.

Product Features and Compatibility

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

The Echo Studio | Charcoal with Philips Hue Color Smart Bulb bundle provides a variety of impressive features. With this bundle, you get the Echo Studio smart speaker and a Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Medium Lumen Smart Bulb. The Echo Studio serves as a hub with built-in Alexa, allowing you to control Zigbee-compatible devices without the need for an additional Philips Hue hub. This makes it easy to set up and control your smart lighting.You have two options for smart lighting with this bundle. You can start with Hue Smart bulbs and your Echo device, supporting up to 5 Hue Bluetooth & Zigbee smart bulbs. If you want to expand your smart lighting system even further, you can add the Hue Hub, which supports up to 50 light points and offers additional features. This versatility allows you to create the perfect lighting ambiance in your home.

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker: Hands-Free Voice Control

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

One notable feature of the Echo Studio is its hands-free voice control. With Alexa, you can effortlessly control your smart lights with just your voice. Whether you want to dim the lights before bed or make them brighter while cooking, simply say, “Alexa, dim the lights” or “Alexa, make the lights brighter.” You can even use voice commands to simulate someone being home when you’re away by saying, “Alexa, I’m leaving” to turn your Philips Hue smart lights on or off.

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker: Integration with Alexa

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

Seamless integration of your Philips Hue smart lights with Alexa is possible through the Echo Studio. Once connected, you can easily control your lights using Alexa voice commands. Want to turn on the living room light? Just ask, “Alexa, turn on the living room light.” This integration adds convenience to your smart home setup, allowing you to control your lights with ease.

Continued Compatibility with Hue Ecosystem

For existing Philips Hue customers, the Echo Studio is compatible with your Hue Hub and can easily be integrated into your Hue Ecosystem. This means you can continue to enjoy the benefits of smart lighting while expanding your system with the Echo Studio. There’s no need to start from scratch; simply add the Echo Studio to your existing setup.

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker: Mixed Customer Reviews

The opinions about the Echo Studio vary when looking at customer reviews. Some customers express frustration with the difficulty of keeping multiple Echo Studio speakers and the sub connected as a group. They mention issues when connecting to different Wi-Fi networks and losing internet connectivity. On the other hand, many customers praise the sound quality of the Echo Studio, especially when paired with the Amazon sub. They also appreciate its ability to pick up voice commands accurately and its compatibility with other smart devices.

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker: Final Thoughts

Smart lighting control is made easy with the range of features and compatibility options offered by the Echo Studio | Charcoal with Philips Hue Color Smart Bulb bundle. While there are mixed customer reviews regarding connectivity, the majority of customers praise the sound quality and voice command capabilities of the Echo Studio. If you’re looking for a smart speaker that delivers impressive sound and integrates well with your existing smart home setup, the Echo Studio is worth considering.


  • This bundle includes the Echo Studio Charcoal and Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Medium Lumen Smart Bulb, 75 Lumen.
  • The Echo Dot offers a built-in Hub with Alexa. Ask Alexa to control Zigbee-compatible devices. No additional Philips Hue hub required.
  • Control your lights with Alexa – Connect your Philips Hue smart lights to Alexa for easy voice control.


  • It is difficult to keep the Echo Studio and the sub connected as a group if they connect to different Wi-Fi networks.
  • The speakers are strictly for use with Amazon, limiting their compatibility with other devices.
  • The sound could be a little louder, which may not meet the expectations of some users.

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In conclusion, the Echo Studio bundle with the Philips Hue Color Smart Bulb is a great addition to any smart home setup. The sound quality is impressive, and the hands-free voice control feature makes it convenient to adjust the lighting and play music without even touching my phone. While there may be some limitations, such as the difficulty in setting up the speakers as a group and the exclusive compatibility with Amazon, overall, it offers a great audio experience. If you’re looking for a versatile and high-quality speaker, the Echo Studio bundle is definitely worth considering.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the Echo Studio and Philips Hue bulbs be controlled with voice commands?

Answer: Yes, you can control the smart bulbs using Alexa voice commands with the Echo Studio.

Question: Do I need an additional hub to control the Philips Hue bulbs with the Echo Studio?

Answer: No, the built-in Hub in the Echo Studio allows you to control Zigbee-compatible devices, including Philips Hue bulbs, without the need for an additional hub.

Question: Can I integrate the Echo Studio and Philips Hue bulbs into my existing Hue ecosystem?

Answer: Yes, if you are an existing Philips Hue customer, you can seamlessly integrate the Echo Studio and Philips Hue bulbs into your Hue ecosystem, allowing you to continue lighting your home smarter with Philips Hue.

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